Labelling – it’s much more than a name

Welcome to the eighth edition of LGC ASSURE Insights, a free digital newsletter to support your food safety management journey. This is the latest in the series that explore diverse topics including sustainability, special dietary needs, food safety certification and many more so do have a look at some of the previous editions. You can […]

2023 Food Trends USA

A versatile product Consumers buy colombian Brown sugar cane for different reasons, not only for prepare beverages, also to seasoning your dishes and give a different taste. They’re always looking to replace white sugar and polyalcohol sweeteners for the traditional flavor of brown sugar cane with more nutritional contribution and less chemical intervention to put in your cookies, cakes, sauces and jams. Brown sugar cane have expectorant […]

Weather changes affects consumer purchasing and behavior

Weather has the biggest influence on consumer behavior after the pandemic economy collapse, according to Mintel Report. It affects consumers emotional state, drives their purchase decisions, and dictates how much they are willing to spend. The effects are far more pervasive than the obvious examples that spring to mind; ice cream selling on hot days, […]

New Food Trends in 2022

Empower consumers to make educated food and drink choices: After a period of lockdowns and mandates, empowerment will come from being able to make one’s own decisions. In food and drink, consumer expectations have grown beyond stories and detailed claims; in 2022, people will want to see trustworthiness and measurable progress on health, environmental and […]

Top 3 trends products that will change the industry

Healthy Shots: The consumers cross major part of last year focus on keeping healthy, and this wish has been instilled in their election of food. According to ADM research, the pandemic made more people interested in food that benefits their immune system, and the experts preside that continue in 2022. In this case, Healthy shots […]

Benefits of Consolidating cargo at origin

What if you want to buy products from different vendors, but they all require a minimum quantity of one container? These are situations where consolidating cargo can be a great advantage. Consolidation facilitates the purchase of multiproducts, reduce inventory levels and have optimizations in logistics costs, such as, for example, paying for a single export […]