New Food Trends in 2022

  1. Empower consumers to make educated food and drink choices:

After a period of lockdowns and mandates, empowerment will come from being able to make one’s own decisions. In food and drink, consumer expectations have grown beyond stories and detailed claims; in 2022, people will want to see trustworthiness and measurable progress on health, environmental and ethical commitments. Shoppers will consider how their purchases contribute to protecting their health and/or the health of the planet and everything on it.

Key data

  • According to a report generated by Mintel, it reveals that 29% of consumers would encourage scanning a QR code on a package if it provides more details about the product/brand.
  • 48% say the COVID 19 outbreak has made it more important to buy produce
  • 88% of grocery shoppers say nutrition information should be as clear and legible as possible on product packaging.

  1. Standardization and measurement of climate and ethical commitments

In the next few years, brands, retailers and governments have opportunities to collaborate and create standards that make it easier for consumers to understand environmental claims.

Sustainably minded consumers will be looking for products that include details about how agriculture, transport, processing and other factors contribute to carbon footprint.

In addition, los consumidores buscarán compromisos éticos tangibles y medibles en áreas como el bienestar animal y el pago justo.

  1. Happiness and fun

Brands will have the opportunity to ensure that meals, drinks and snacks are not boring. Consumers will look for products that amplify flavors, colors, textures, aromas, and interactivity to create moments of happiness or memorable experiences. All this through strategies such as meal kits, digital cooking classes and gamified recipes can make meals more fun.

  1. Opportunities to join the metaverse

Brands also can join the gaming trend by creating a virtual presence within popular games and platforms. 37% of US adults who played video games in the three months to July 2021 would like to see food and drink sponsorships in gaming. Along those lines, US restaurant chain Chipotle opened a virtual restaurant within the Roblox game in 2021.

“Food, drink and foodservice brands have the opportunity to go beyond mere game sponsorship to become part of the integral fabric of the gaming experience. Create digital spaces to connect gamers within games, allowing them to sharpen real-world skills like cooking and baking with bake-offs and competitions, or running virtual, branded restaurants. Give them free rein to create recipes and menus, providing valuable insight for future product development”. Ayisha Koyenikan

Future: create experiences that cannot be replicated in a digital realm

Within five years, consumers will be able to buy food, beverages and food services made with ingredients from traceable sources. In addition to products that feature blockchain-verified ingredients, more consumers will have access to food and beverages made with the kind of efficient, controlled technologies that were predicted in Mintel’s 2030 Global Food and Beverage Trends Hi-Tech Harvests.

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