Benefits of Consolidating cargo at origin

What if you want to buy products from different vendors, but they all require a minimum quantity of one container? These are situations where consolidating cargo can be a great advantage.

Consolidation facilitates the purchase of multiproducts, reduce inventory levels and have optimizations in logistics costs, such as, for example, paying for a single export operation when shipping all the goods in a single container. If you want to obtain efficiency in your inventories, increase your number of clients and optimize your working capital, consolidation will be the alternative to achieve this.

Benefits of consolidating with C.I PROBA S.A.S:

  1. Quality assurance: we audit and supervise the preparation of each purchase order, to ensure that the product meets the standards agreed with the client.
  2. Logistics efficiency: consolidation not only helps you save money on volume rates for your cargo, by combining multiple products, you can buy from several suppliers in different locations and consolidate at one point to carry out the consolidated export.
  3. Inventory efficiency: If your company does not need such large orders, consolidation offers the opportunity to work minimum volumes with various suppliers and in most cases develop your own brand. Handling minimum quantities allows you a greater rotation of your inventories and an optimization of your working capital.
  4. Optimization of operating times: When consolidating with CI PROBA SAS, it is possible to manage only one purchase order with multiple products, since the operational work is in our hands and it will be our task to inform the progress of your order and provide solutions at each stage of the chain if necessary.
  5. Private brand development: We develop private brands and packaging design that adjust to the needs of our customers and the trends demanded by the food and beverage markets.

All this can be possible with aseptic fruit pulp (shelf stable)

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