Top 3 trends products that will change the industry

Healthy Shots:

The consumers cross major part of last year focus on keeping healthy, and this wish has been instilled in their election of food. According to ADM research, the pandemic made more people interested in food that benefits their immune system, and the experts preside that continue in 2022. In this case, Healthy shots are an excellent option to get benefits in your body or mind. For instance, can be made a shot with pear, mandarin, and apple in small glasses of 2 oz and this gives their benefits like energy, reduce cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, and high calcium.

Bowls with tropical fruit bases

The diet free gluten, lactose, keto, vegan, and others predominate in the culinary industry. However, the hotels every time include healthy products, natural, without additives and sugars for elaborate dishes that usually use in the breakfast or after physical activity. The aseptic fruit pulp (Shelf-stable) can be a better option for elaborating these bowls.

Canned Cocktail

To reduce the interaction of barmen, the Hotels offer their can cocktails. This change always allows the consumers to bring drink their house.

All this can be possible with aseptic fruit pulp (shelf stable)

It is a natural product, undiluted, unfermented, not from concentrate, preservative-free, obtained by breaking down and straining the edible part of ripe, healthy, and clean fruits.

Our pasteurization process makes possible to store the product without refrigeration, facilitating its transport and storage.

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