Benefits of fruit pulp in the daily diet

Preparations based on fruit pulps

To keep a nutritional balance, it is necessary to have vitamins and minerals in the daily diet that can be found in fruits and vegetables. Essentially, they are in the fruit pulp, which is the edible part of the fruit (no peels nor seeds).

All fruits have different characteristics that change in order to their composition and chemical structure. Guava has one of the most vitamin C concentration, in addition that provides calcium and zinc, improving learning skills, releasing stress and strengthen of immune system.

By the other hand, mango has vitamin C, vitamin E, cupper and potassium. Studies reveal that eating this pulp, helps to reduce the risk of having heart diseases and natural aging illness because improves the flow of cholesterol in the blood and the oxygen molecules are transformed in carbon dioxide without generating negative traces in the organism.

Passion fruit, is consider as the fruit that has the most potassium content and vitamin A. Eating this pulp helps to the correct function of human senses, being the view sense the one that gets the more benefits.

Soursop is one of the most complete fruits in vitamins and calcium, because it is composed of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamins of Complex B. Having this pulp in the daily diet helps to reduce hypertension, asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, liver disorder and prevents osteoporosis.

These tropical fruits are cataloged with a high nutritional value because they have potential properties for organism. That is why the public in general desires frozen fruit pulps, as they are simple to use in juices, fruit smoothies, cocktails and even desserts, jams or marmalades.

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